Our clients are private and public sector entities where treasury is a key component of the overall business. We are focused on clients with cash and/or debt on their balance sheets and/or with significant volumes of FX flowing through the P&L, and particularly on these 3 areas:

• Corporate Treasury

• Debt and asset/liability management (ALM) and,

• Financial Institution ALM 

Our customers include corporates with wide ranging cash/FX requirements, financial institutions with ALM needs and large scale debt managers, including Finance Ministries.

We work with small, medium and large sized treasuries – size itself is not the defining characteristic; it is the significance of treasury for the organisation that justifies the need. Our belief is that even small-sized treasuries should be catered for and have access to an efficient, affordable treasury management system.

Our experience is that, given the choice, three out of four treasurers would choose a good TMS rather than the treasury module of an ERP.

That's because a good TMS outscores an ERP on most of the following key considerations:
1 Fulfils All Requirements STAR TMS
2 Flexible/Scalable for the Future STAR TMS
3 Easy to Use/Implement STAR TMS
4 Interfacing Flexibility STAR TMS
5 Supported by Domain Experts STAR TMS
6 Affordable STAR TMS

STAR TMS is module/menu based and we can structure the offering to match your current treasury size and operations, and at the same time, allow the flexibility to add more functionality later to meet evolving requirements.