TMS Treasury Systems is the trading name of FTI Treasury Systems and Solutions Ltd and part of the FTI Treasury group, the Dublin-headquartered treasury company.

Fikon Treasury is our South African subsidiary.

Our background is international treasury, both corporate and public sector. This comes particularly from our hands-on treasury experience in treasury management and from our consultancy with a wide range of companies and public sector clients.

This is why we describe our TMS as ‘Designed by Treasurers, for Treasurers’ – because we are bringing real treasury expertise as well as a strong TMS solution. It makes systems implementation easier – and ensures better systems solutions in the long run.

We have worked with a wide range of international clients for over 25 years. Our clients include both large treasuries and small treasuries – in each case the key characteristic being that treasury is a critical part of that organisation’s activity.

Each treasury’s requirements differ to some degree – recognising those differences and accommodating them is really important. Our approach is to take the time to genuinely understand your treasury requirements and then allocate senior experts to deliver the required solution – on time and within budget.

Unlike many systems installations that tend to be large, resource-hungry projects, overwhelm users and disrupt the business they are intended to support, the STAR TMS offers a compact, phase-based implementation process, fully supported by I.T. and treasury experts.

In South Africa we have our own subsidiary Fikon Treasury and I.T. (Pty) Ltd., which we believe is essential to properly support our Southern Africa clients, rather than a low commitment ‘agency’ arrangement with a local company. We have a strong South African partner/shareholder in Fikon ie Andisa Capital and Antoinette Sedibe, MD of Andisa, is a director of Fikon.

Our main development, support and maintenance team is based in Sofia, and managed by Kieran McDonald 

We are a Gold Oracle Partner, and part of the Oracle Partners Network.